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Girls Just Want to Have… Kombucha!

Posted on: May 24th, 2012 by fara

How fortunate are we to have such a great base of loyal customers?  We even have a few fans in rather high places, and we’re not just talking about altitude.

Ms. Lauper with Jared Polis & staff

Colorado’s U.S. Representative, Jared Polis, just happens to enjoy drinking our tea so much that he keeps his own personal stash of High Country Kombucha in his office in Washington D.C.  Recently he was visited by American singer, songwriter and actress, Cyndi Lauper, and gave her a bottle of our tea.  We can’t tell from the photo if she actually tried Kombucha and liked it or if she was just smiling for the camera but either way we could not be more flattered that she posed for a photo and agreed to let us use it on our website.  After receiving the photo, the entire High Country Kombucha office gathered ‘round a computer to watch the 80’s video “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” on YouTube and Ms. Lauper instantly gained some new fans.  Thank you, Representative Polis and Ms. Lauper, we are very grateful for the fun photo.