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October is Non-GMO Month

Posted on: September 25th, 2013 by fara

Don’t forget, October is Non-GMO Month.  The goal of Non-GMO month is to promote awareness about Genetically Modified Organisms.  Throughout the month of October, the Non-GMO project has many events and giveaways,  visit their calendar here.  This is an easy way to find Non- GMO Project verified foods, like High Country Kombucha!

Denver Farmer’s Markets 2013

Posted on: March 4th, 2013 by fara

It’s hard to believe we only have six short weeks until the ski season ends in the Vail Valley.  Personally, I’m still hoping for one more powder day and a really prominent goggle sunburn before winter wraps up and mud season starts.

High Country Kombucha has received one definite sign of spring’s imminent arrival this week, the reminder to register for this year’s Farmers Markets in Denver.

We’ve decided to continue with the two markets we participated in last summer and we hope to see many of you return with your logo growlers.  If you haven’t gotten your 64 oz. refillable growler yet, please come see us this summer and change the way your kombucha addiction affects the world by cutting down on glass recycling.  You can use any 64 oz. glass container for High Country Kombucha on tap at Farmers Markets, we don’t discriminate.  We refill growlers from a keg and we have a list of stores that currently carry our product on tap so refills are not limited to just the Farmers Markets on the weekends.  This is High Country Kombucha tea as fresh as you can possibly get it so plan on making the switch to a growler this summer.

If you’re not ready to make that commitment yet, you will still be able to buy ice cold 16 oz. bottles of tea and sample any flavor we have on tap at both markets.

South Pearl Street Farmer’s Market will take place every Sunday May 19 – November 3rd.  That’s 25 fun-filled Sundays starting at 9 am – 1 pm.  You can find more info by visiting the website, www.SouthPearlStreet.com

Highland Farmer’s Market takes place every Saturday June 1 – October 12th.  That’s 20 amazing Saturdays on the 1500 Block of Boulder Street in Denver, beginning at 9 am through 1 pm. For more information go to their website, www.denverhighland.org

Online Article: Thanks, Feel Good Now

Posted on: September 6th, 2012 by fara

We are very impressed with the article recently posted online by our friends at Feel Good Now.  We have to put up a post because our tea is featured in both the article and most of the photos.  Check out the article here:

The Kombucha Kick: Colorado, Cross-Country and Online

The article includes this very cool timeline graphic that I just had to share here,

Thank you for the great write up & all of the marketing assistance, Feel Good Now.

Support Live Music ~ We Do!

Posted on: August 16th, 2012 by fara

The Vilar Performing Arts Center or VPAC in Beaver Creek Colorado is holding the Underground Sounds Series this fall and we are super excited to be sponsors!

Here at High Country Kombucha we enjoy supporting community events and live music so this was a perfect fit.  VPAC is selling passes for this 7 show series that include a free drink with each show.  If you’re looking for a nonalcoholic option as your free drink you’re going to get the best ….. High Country Kombucha, of course!

The series starts on Sunday, September 23rd with Grammy winner, Paula Cole and ends on Sunday, November 4 with Jaimee Paul.  Some of the other shows include….


Danielle Ate the Sandwich on October 21st

Also, don’t miss Colorado favorites, the Motet playing Parliament Funkadelic just before Halloween ~ Free Your Mind and Your A$$ Will Follow.

On October 28th

I wonder if I can get a High Country Kombucha costume together by then?

Check out the schedule & purchase pass here

We hope to see you there and don’t forget to ask for your free High Country Kombucha with each show when you buy the Underground Sound Access Pass.

Gabby Gourmet on Channel 7 Denver News

Posted on: June 22nd, 2012 by fara

Gabby Gourmet did a segment on Channel 7 News about the Highlands Farmers Market that takes place on the 1500 block of Boulder St. in Denver on Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM.

It was pretty cool to see a live news broadcast in action.

We were not the only lucky vendors that got featured on this segment.  Highlands Farmers Market has tons of great produce and products available every Saturday.

It was lots of fun getting to know some of our fellow vendors and we our very grateful to the Highlands Market organizers, Gabby Gourmet and Channel 7 for including us in this great marketing opportunity.

See video clip of the segment here

Think Green this Weekend!

Posted on: April 19th, 2012 by fara

With 4/20 falling on Friday and Earth Day on Sunday, we thought it was the perfect time to create a post about all things Green!

At High Country Kombucha we always try to be as green as possible.  We have recycling at both the office and the factory and have started selling our probiotic filled fermented tea in refillable 64 oz containers called growlers.  Here’s another post about one employee’s attempts to reduce her High Country Kombucha bottle recycling

Refillable container

We aren’t so rich that we can afford hybrid cars …… yet, but we do try to drive gas efficient vehicles and a few of them are even green.

32 MPG and a soft top - what fun!

When the weather turns nice, many of the employees enjoy gardening.  It’s too early in the Colorado Rockies to show pictures of the vegetable gardens but below are some photos of one employee’s bulb garden, inspired by a trip to Tulip country, the Netherlands.  Read a post about her trip here European Vacation Post

Spring has sprung!  Biking is a very popular activity during spring and summer in the Colorado Rockies and we try to do as much of it as possible to cut down on our vehicle emissions and driving in general.  Pedal produced power rocks!

Don’t forget to check out www.earthday.org/2012 for some great ideas on how to shrink your carbon footprint.  You can also pledge an Act of Green on their site and help them reach their goal of A Billion Acts of Green® I personally like the suggestion of making my Mondays meatless for the remainder of 2012, what a great way to be more green.  When you see the figures of the resources required to put a pound of meat in the grocery store cooler, its clear why so many people choose to be vegan or vegetarian.  Yikes!

By the way, our High Country Kombucha tea is totally vegan!  Enjoy!


One of our most popular flavors

BevNet Live Kombucha Article

Posted on: December 19th, 2011 by fara

BevNet Live Kombucha Article ~ we’re in the News!original

BEVNET LIVE: Kombucha Back to 18% Growth; ‘Kombucha Challenge’ Coming; Does Category Need Greater Innovation? Brisk panel at last week’s BevNet Live conference in Santa Monica, Calif, keyed in on vibrant kombucha category, detailing return from mid-year crisis in 2010 and efforts to continue popularization push – even via New Year’s “kombucha challenge.”

For a while of course, fermented-tea segment wasn’t lookin’ assured of remaining vibrant: in Jun 10 when Whole Foods pulled all brands off its shelves because of concerns over excessive alcohol content for nominally NA bevs. Now that’s lookin’ like merest bump in road. Bobbi Leahy, from syndicated researcher SPINS, which tracks natural channel excluding Whole Foods, noted that segment had been scoring robust 18% growth until crisis caused it to hit a wall. But category came back in 2011, rising 11% to $650 mil, and lately is back to 18% growth. National pioneer GT’s – where most of the elevated-alcohol items were found – is still leader, with 80 share in natural, despite losing some shelf space. There are some 44 active brands in natural channel vs 13 in mainstream channels like grocers. (Heck, BBI editor counted 4 different brands just in Portland, Ore, airport stores last summer.) Fastest-growing include GT’s, Kombucha 2000 and Townsend’s; newbies makin’ a splash include St Helens, Ore-based Captured by Porches, which sells lotsa craft beer and kombucha off 3 roving trucks plying Portland streets.

Still, 2,000-yr-old category still lacks awareness among large portion of American public, acknowledged Kombucha Kamp founder Hannah Crum, who’s enlisting High Country, Bucha and others for 30-day “kombucha challenge” around New Year’s, when consumers traditionally resolve to detox and lose weight. They’ll be invited to swap their soda for kombucha “and see what happens,” said Hannah. Brands like Bucha are looking to be “on-ramp” for consumers thru more vibrant, contemporary packaging and less vinegary flavors, said Ron Lloyd, ceo of Bucha brewer B&R Liquid Adventure. Still the best brand-building vehicle is in-store sampling: High Country’s Ed Rothbauer said a demo at Whole Foods typically yields 200-300% lift in volume that day, and gains are sustained for weeks. As sign of grass-roots health, homebrew kits are popping up next to craft-brewing kits in lotsa retailers like Whole Foods, too. “Every commercial brand started as a homebrewer,” Lloyd noted.

Plenty of contrasts and sometimes stresses within segment: between those that remain defiantly raw and those that pasteurize product, those that use clear bottles and those that use tinted bottles, those that make health claims and those that don’t, those that go out as alcoholic and those that remain NA (GT’s is playing in both realms now). And innovation likely could use a boost: best that Lloyd could point to was GT’s addition of chia-seed-based flavors. Tho Celestial Seasonings has garnered some buzz for kombucha-based shot, High Country’s Rothbauer said so far he doesn’t see much movement on it.

Some are movin’ segment intentionally into alcoholic realm, such as Unity Vibration, out of Mich; Captured by Porches, and Beyond Kombucha, from upstate NY, which mixes brewer’s yeast into formula. Blurring with beer is also visible in entries such as Goose Island’s Fleur, Belgian-style pale ale that employs kombucha, and Vanberg & DeWulf’s Lambrucha, mashup of lambic beer and kombucha. Still, noted Hannah, items branded as kombucha tend to do poorly when shelved with craft beers.

Despite segment’s growth, so far it’s proved hard to put finger on exactly who consumer is. Some use it as detox cure, others for probiotic content. Some runners say it helps their knees. “Unique category,” said Bucha’s Lloyd. “Everyone has their own reason for why they’re drinking this stuff” and there’s not been much research so far to learn more. Even celebs that drink the stuff have been double-edged swords: Olympian athletes, on one hand, and 2-time Ironman Triathlon winner who sports High Country logo, but also endlessly troubled Lindsay Lohan on other.

Bud House Sees Potential It seemed a stretch when Bud house American Eagle Distributing Co picked up role as master distributor for nearby High Country Kombucha (BBI, Jun 24). But prexy Jerry Helgeson told BBI the drinks struck a chord when he saw them featured on local news channel while working out. Since major natural foods distrib UNFI works Whole Foods stores but doesn’t call on on-premise accounts, he spotted opportunity there – particularly if High Country moves into alc realm. So is that afoot? No comment for now, said High Country execs.

A Review of Our Kombucha Tea Flavors

Posted on: December 1st, 2011 by fara


If you are not familiar with Kombucha tea in general and/or specifically our wonderful High Country brand of Kombucha you should definitely check out the article posted online in October of this year http://www.feelgoodnow.com/blogs/fgn-company-blogs/high-country-kombucha-taste-test/

Also, check out the related High Country Kombucha tasting video below.  The video includes some interesting facts about Kombucha tea in general and reviews of all eight Kombucha flavors we currently produce.  We feel the people at FeelGoodNow.com wrote an informative article and we appreciate the unbiased taste test, even if we feel our flavors deserved higher scores across the board.  Perhaps we’re a bit biased but we don’t think so.


Kombucha Taste Test from FeelGoodNow on Vimeo.

Thank you for the review, Feel Good Now.

Happy Halloween!

Posted on: October 20th, 2011 by fara
Can you read the High Country Logo?

Happy Halloween High Country Kombucha Fans! 

As I mentioned in the last post, we are extremely lucky to have a bunch of talented and creative people that seem to really enjoy our kombucha tea. 

A few employees decided to get into the holiday spirit and carve some festive pumpkins.  We hope the bands represented here appreciate our attempts to reproduce their logos on a squash, I know we appreciate the effort made to reproduce ours.

Steal Your Face

Rolling Stones logo

When you’re recovering from your holiday fun and possibly suffering from a bit of indigestion, grab a High Country Kombucha to soothe your aching tummy.

Kombucha Artwork

Posted on: October 11th, 2011 by fara
Artwork by a former employee
Kombucha Tea Party

  We are lucky enough to have a vast and talented group of loyal High Country Kombucha fans.  Years ago, Mia created some whimsical and beautiful fanart using an Alice in Wonderland theme.  We’ve treasured this artwork ever since and thought now, just before Halloween, was an appropriate time to share these with the world.

 Who needs to smoke when you have Kombucha?


Thank you to our former employee and Kombucha fan ~ Mia, the artist.  She did a wonderful job on the Wonderland theme.  Thank you, Mia, thank you.

Drink Me!